About CHG

About CHG

What Is Important To God in CHG

As a local church we can do a lot things that are good and deemed important to our ministry and to the people we try to serve. But the most vital question for us in CHG is; are these activities important to God in the context of our relationship with Him?

The most important thing a local church must do is to find out what is important to God in the context of her existence. In CHG we believe the following are important to God in the way we function as a church together. It is important to God that we become:

  1. A church that experiences God as our Abba Father loving one another as a family.
  2. A church that seeks the presence and intimacy of God above all else in worship and prayer as His Bride.
  3. A church that fears God alone and stands firm on His Word.
  4. A church that reaches out to Australia and the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom.
Mat 22:37- 40: In the spirit of the above statements, CHG wants to be a God centered church where the wants of God come before the wants of man. Our love for God must precede our love for one another and the world.

What We Believe In CHG

Salvation In Christ Alone

John 3:16: John 14:6: We believe God the Father sent His only Son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth in the flesh to die for the sin of the world. He rose from the dead on the third day and anyone who believes in this Gospel with confession of their mouths and repentance in their lives will be saved from sin into eternal life.

The Final Authority Of the Scripture

2Tim 3:16: Luke 16:17: We believe the Scripture as recorded in the Old and New Testaments is the final authority in understanding and application of God’s truths in one’s life over all other writings and teachings regardless of their sources.

The Triune God

John 10:30: Matt 28:19: Gen 1:2: We believe God consists in His essence of three Persons in the form of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, but yet these three represent only one God. The Father, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit coexist as equals in the Godhead.

The Operations Of the Holy Spirit

John 3:5: 1Cor 12:4-11: We believe it is the Holy Spirit who convicts sin and brings about the born again experience in a person. In addition the Holy Spirit operates through believers with supernatural gifts given to them at present day church as in the Book of Acts.

The Great Commission

Matt 28:19-20: Mark 16:15-18: We believe in the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus where the church is called to preach the Gospel, make disciples and perform miracles in all the nations of the earth.

The Rapture and The Second Coming of Christ

1Cor 15:52-53: 1Th 4:16-17: Acts 1:11: Zec 14:4: We believe the Lord Jesus will come in the air to take His people away. The Lord and His saints will return again in the cloud in His second coming upon the Mount of Olives.

The Final Judgment

Rev 20:11-15: Heb 9:27: We believe God will judge each person individually in accordance to his or her response to the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ on the Day of Judgment. Those who are judged righteous in Jesus will stay with God in glory forever. Those who deemed unrighteous according to the Gospel will be sent to eternal hell forever.

Our Worldview In CHG

Mark 1:33-37: A correct, Biblical worldview is important to our faith in Christ. A wrong worldview will lead to a life that focuses on the wrong things and that is opened to deceptions. Born again believers in Christ must diligently watch what is happening around us in the world. With the insight and understanding that gained through our watching we can then pray with wisdom, focus and power.

Here is the summary of our worldview:

Deception Is Rampant In the World and In the Church

Satan has intensified his scheme to deceive the world in the past seven decades. He has strategically saturated the world with ideologies and philosophies that are counter to the truths of God as presented in the Bible. The campaign of deception is so successful that many in the church of Christ including that of Christian leaders are compromising the Gospel under the name of social justice, cultural relevancy, political correctness and tolerance.

At the same time, the devil is using man made political, social, commercial, financial and religious institutions to control the events of the world behind the scene. He uses technologies in mass media communications to misinform and change the mindset of the populace. The endgame of this campaign of deception is to remove God and His truths from the life of an average person. The devil uses lies, wars, and staged world events to instill fear and uncertainty in the hearts of man and eventually drives them in accepting his rule over them.

Most born again believers are oblivious to the clear and present danger at hand in many of our churches. Most Christians are not aware of the dire state of the Western church where man and humanism has taken center stage over God. We need to wake up from our stupor and come back to the God of the Bible and repent and do things His ways.

The World Needs Seeker Friendly Churches

Romans 3:10-11: Isaiah 53:6: God is a seeker; He is seeking for those who worship Him in spirit and truth. And He is seeking the lost. We need churches that are friendly to God, the Seeker, not friendly to the world. Seeker friendliness in presenting the Gospel in a water down manner to the world is an illusion, because there is no such seeking people in the world according to the predeeding Bible verses in the Books of Romans and  Isaiah.

The truth is we need more Seeker friendly churches to God, but not friendly to man.

Spiritual Forces Are Manipulating World Events

Spiritual forces are actively using men and women to advance the agenda of the devil. Through the master strategy of a selected few, many are recruited without their knowledge to challenge the truths and the will of God on earth. In the process they form governments, build commercial and financial systems and institute religious bodies to hijack the mission of the church of Christ.

Eph 6:12: These children of disobedience are directly under the control of the devil. Spiritual warfare is more real than most born again Christians realised.

There is an urgent need for born again believers to diligently watch and understand world events around us so that our prayers can be fervent, effective and focused. There is a real connection between spiritual forces of darkness to the physical manifestation of global events and trends.

There Is An Urgency To Preach the Gospel

Isaiah 28:9-10: Many churches are not preaching the Gospel or teaching the Word of God in-depth to the people. Many churches have become centers for entertainment, social events, human change facilitation, and community charity works. New comers are not preached the Gospel of conviction, confession and repentance from sin, acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ and submission to God. Congregations are not taught the Word of God precept upon precept, line upon line so that a strong Word foundation is built.
Psalm 119:9: Instead pastors behave like CEO of businesses running on a set of performance indicators on customer (member) satisfaction, numbers and financial targets. They are supposed to feed the lambs not to build corporations. Congregations are encouraged to go out and do good without a basic fundamental understanding of what Christian discipleship is all about. How can the blind lead the blind if Christians in our churches are not taught well in the doctrines and the principles of God? What good can one do in society if he is still steep in sin, in rebellion and acts defiance towards God’s holiness?

To be action oriented in a church does not necessary mean it is God initiated.

It is therefore urgent for churches to repent from our erroneous human ways and start preaching and teaching the Word of God to the people of God.