What is BRIDGE?

What is BRIDGE?


Bridging the World To Christ  -  BRIDGE TV youtube_logo-150x150.png

BRIDGE is a multimedia initiative in CHG to bring revival to the discipleship of the nations. BRIDGE operates under the following premises:

  1. There exists a huge doctrinal and knowledge gap in the church all over the world because of deceptions in the house of God.
  2. Many believers are unaware of the deceptions that they are being led into.
  3. Many of these deceptions are propagated through the use of multimedia and the internet. 
  4. God wants us to use the same tools in multimedia and the internet to BRIDGE the doctrinal and knowledge gap in the body of Christ.

The Objectives Of BRIDGE Are To Bring People From:

  1. Ignorance to Truth - Addressing Wrong Teachings
  2. Man to God - Addressing The Wrong Focus
  3. Flesh to Spirit - Addressing The Wrong Motivation

BRIDGE primarily is designed to awaken the church of Christ into action to reach out to the world in a pure and uncompromising way. A truth deprived, man centered and a flesh driven church will never be able to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ in purity and power. Hence we BRIDGE in CHG.